The family-based dental practice of Travis Walding DDS uses the latest technology to ensure improved diagnosis, higher precision, and positive treatment outcomes.

What We Offer

Our office is equipped with digital radiographs, handheld digital x-ray equipment, and intraoral cameras that help obtain accurate digital images and impressions in the most comfortable way possible. We also have a new iTero scanner that can take digital impressions and intraoral photos, as well as use near-infrared technology to highlight concealed tooth decay.

We use advanced dental equipment to cut down waiting times and improve precision levels to a significant extent. Our supportive and reliable family-based dental services are fully supported by the speed and efficiency of advanced technology.

Benefits of Digital Scanners

Dental scanning technology helps save time, and our patients are able to experience results within a shorter time. They are faster, more accurate, and productive in terms of diagnosis, planning, and treatment. Thanks to the high accuracy levels, we are able to fabricate restorations that require minimal adjustments.

State-of-the-art iTero scanning helps detect chips, cracks, fractures, tooth wear, and gum recession that we can monitor over years and years of check-ups. These scans will also be used for crown and bridge restorations, implants, Invisalign, night guards, and retainers.

Digital scans are safe, non-invasive, and associated with extremely low radiation levels. Please feel free to contact Travis Walding DDS with all your dental concerns.

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